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Help Bring Blum To San Leandro!

Dear Patients,

The City of San Leandro will soon determine who will serve the medical marijuana community in San Leandro. Blum has applied for a permit and needs your support now! Do you want patients to be served by company that has a proven record of providing quality medicine at an affordable price? Do you want to make sure that patients are treated with dignity and compassion? Do you care about going to a dispensary that is safe and has been serving patients for over 4 years? Then act now! You have an opportunity to make sure that residents living in and near San Leandro are served by Blum!

Please do not let politics or political favor sway the manner in which your patient community is served!

Please contact the San Leandro City Council at the emails below. Copy, paste and send them the draft email text provided below:

Mayor Pauline Cutter ,
Vice Mayor Ursula Reed ,
Councilmember Deborah Cox ,
Councilmember Lee Thomas ,
Councilmember Benny Lee ,
Councilmember Corina Lopez ,
Councilmember Jim Prola

Subject: In support of Blum’s permit application in San Leandro

Honorable San Leandro Mayor and City Council:

I am a ______ (medical cannabis patient, Blum neighborhood resident, neighboring business).

On July 18 you will take action to determine the entity most qualified and deserving to provide excellent service to medical marijuana patients,while being a caring and accountable community and City partner. I believe Blum is worthy of such a designation.

With such an important decision before you, do you want to risk placing this privilege in the hands of operators who have not operated a lawful dispensary in the East Bay? Or do you wish to award this privilege to an operator with a proven track record, experienced leadership team devoted to being a community partner, a City partner, committed to the patient and local community, as Blum has demonstrated?

This decision will affect not only the health, but also the financial well being and reputation of the patient community in and around the City of San Leandro. A poor decision could lead to price gouging, degraded or impotent medicines, or worse, a poorly lead and administered dispensary that fails to do its part to serve local residents, the local community, reduce nuisance behavior and blight. It will also affect surrounding residential and business communities who rely on friendly, safe, and well-run businesses to keep our communities vibrant.

As a _____ (medical cannabis patient, Blum neighborhood resident, neighboring business), I urge you to choose Blum because they can be trusted to provide safe, affordable, and quality medicine in a welcoming environment while also supporting the local community. Led by Ms. Salwa Ibrahim, I know Blum’s San Leandro Dispensary Team, can deliver the services in a manner desired by the City of San Leandro – because they already have a proven track record of doing so!

Please do not let politics or political favor sway the manner in which your patient community is served! Choose the proven operator, the proven patient advocate, the proven City partner, and the proven community partner – choose Blum for San Leandro.



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